Get rid of match bonus in gvg

31/12/15 00:20
Match bonus in my opinion should not be allowed in guild vs guild... what is the point if the other guild can pay for a draw?? Its not a true reflection of the guilds ability and if wasnt for the match fee my guild wouldnt bother playing guild vs guild.. also the scoring system needs work each team should only get one shot at an opponent .... they loose and up match bonus everytime.... its pointless please fix it! If your going to stick with match bonus in guild vs guild at least make it so the defending team can use it aswell...

31/12/15 02:06
I would support the idea of removing the system of match bonuses on the GVG challenges. Please leave the results down to the art of selecting the right players/strategies, rather than merely 'buying wins'

Also consider the suggestion to re-format the scoring system so that each match whether home or away is worth 1 point. Thus the team scoring the highest wins overall benefits from any reward.

PS - To French Flair - congrats on playing through for a deserved draw - cheers
31/12/15 02:18
Yes well done french flair.. thanks for showing up and for challenging us
31/12/15 11:57
I agree that the bonus system for gvg should be abolished. It is pretty ridiculous how many teams are able to draw with superior teams just by paying. By extension I would also say that the option to pay for bonus' in any game, including tournament and championship games, should be removed. People are already able to buy their way to having a fantastic team, but the rest should be down to strategy rather than adding a 50% bonus to their team.
02/01/16 15:17
Rather than take away the bonus put a limit on it. Lower level teams in GVG need some way to compete or they never get selected