04/03/16 01:29
friendlys... can some one tell me whats taken into account with friendlys . does energy and morale effect it. do the strat buildings get taken in to account.? what gets taken in to accuount in a friendly please
04/03/16 12:05
Check the in-game help (in the match menu, question-mark button at bottom left)
06/03/16 11:12
so when you start a friendly are both teams on 100% energy and morale?
06/03/16 22:43
Corey Minchington :

so when you start a friendly are both teams on 100% energy and morale?

No I've found energy levels are taken into account but havnt tried moral yet, it just wont lower the levels any further
10/03/16 11:16
admin.. ive read every thing in that game before I ask question , your answer does not answer my question as the place you point to does not hold the answer . has taken a player to answer and even then its not certain he right (not saying his wrong . just not a exact answer from makers of game)
some times when ppl have asked questions your answers are more like a politician than some one that's here to inform us on this game..
not being mean just putting it out there ..
11/03/16 11:25
Sorry, I read the question too fast.
Yes, current energy, moral and strategy bonus are taken into account.
A friendly match consumes nothing and there is no match bonus. These are the only differences.
13/03/16 07:58
ty very much admin .. that's a answer I can grasp :)..
great game by the way