Missing money

06/03/16 09:26

Quite often, if I dont collect snack and goodie money straight away, the money disappears.
It's when I do something else first

As an example

After a period of time, say overnight, I go on and go into emails and training.
After that all the money has gone.

It's happened again this morning
I'm missing out on hundreds of thousands here!

Any idea what's causing this issue?

06/03/16 17:12
Happened again!
Been out for a few hours.
Went on, money was there.
Before I could collect, came up server unavailable then money disappeared. At 25k an hour per shop this is stacking up to quite a lot!

Any thoughts
07/03/16 11:32
Don't worry, the money have not disappeared.

It's a little hard to explain, but there is the reason :
When you collect money, the request to the server is send a few seconds later. If you immediately quit the app after collecting, the app is paused and the request is not sent until you resume the app. Then the request is sent and your money collected. That's why the tooltip over buildings disappear.