everything gone

23/03/16 09:41
Tried to lock on this morning just to fined that months of upgrading to level 20 is gone,all lost.Everything is gone.What the fuck???!!!.I'm a bit pissed off right now.
23/03/16 10:44
Sounds dreadful. Have you raised a ticket?
23/03/16 11:07
Waspy Tiger :

Sounds dreadful. Have you raised a ticket?

Haha yeah he was a little annoyed at the time but has filled a ticket so should be sorted soon ish
23/03/16 11:47
Fingers crossed.
26/05/16 07:31
Good day my game is also gon every thing is gon!!!!! I need help to get it back please please help me!!!! I veel like never playing this game agen!!!
26/05/16 09:54
Send a ticket to support : http://sublinet.com/fr/support/new_ticket.php