Lost 5-4??

30/03/16 19:41
How can a team lose 5-4 in a tournament game? No score after 108 mins
30/03/16 21:55
Not just that, but how do you score 4? Glitch in the game engine?
31/03/16 08:47
Penalty shoot out ? Lol
31/03/16 09:32
Yeah Taff boyo, I'm thinking a throwback to the original soccer (oikball) game engine, where a drawn tourney match would go to a penalty shoot out. Simple answer for this rugby engine would be to make each penalty worth 3 points and make it a rugby score. However, before a drawn tourney match goes to a penalty shoot out, it should take into account the number of tries (essais pour les admins) that each side scored and award the match to the team scoring most tries, before going to a penalty shoot out. I wonder, can the admins work that into the engine/algorithm to make it reflect real life?
01/04/16 07:48
In a real rugby penalty shootout, each kick counts as 1, not the usual 3, so the scoring would actually be correct.