Cheating MB

10/04/18 01:55
Also, don't remember him saying anything about monks, you have the screenshot, so you know that is accurate I believe. Just about mooners making one comment in a week and being an (insert offensive word that in many countries is a swear word)
10/04/18 22:58
That Saruman chap seems like he is a bit soft, or doesn't care! Or maybe he is northern, but thats pretty much the same.

Ha ha ha.
19/04/18 13:11
I won't call MB cheating, as we all believe there are games in real life where teams are just more "motivated" whether by money, or some player playing his 100th or whatever - and on the day, they just play better - they don't always win however. And even if you get paid more - which is the same in this case, it doesn't mean you cheat - it just means you have more means to inspire your team...
20/04/18 23:37
Honestly drop the MB chat and hatred against fellow players, the developers made it a part of the game. The sports shop also gives an advantage in games, surely better to spend game money to gain an advantage than real cash? Match fixing is the real killer of this game, this is the reason I am Giving up. Good luck to the survivors with no real ambition.