Retired due to Match Bonus

25/06/18 00:10
Mark MollMarkman1 :

@Dreadlock - respect you as a player. I advanced from lvl1 to 60 in 21 seasons and getting there has made me realize that everyone at the top uses mb.

Ill give up my fight against MB! Ill learn to deal with it I guess

So you're against fake money being spent but you are all food gaining an advantage through real life cash? Seems a tad inconsistent at best, hypocritical is more likely.
25/06/18 08:23
Monks you dont seem very bright I must say.... The "boost" MB provides is what is wrong with MB... if someone tries iver and over to beat you in friendlies but can not get it right and then plays you in champ match and use 28mil and then all of a sudden beats you that is non sence.

Thats all i was saying, but go and enjoy the game... lets not start a fight over my statement Im sure you are old enough to get that.
25/06/18 12:35
And all I'm saying is its n it cheating because you can do the same. 'Let's not argue, but let me call you stupid first'...come on, grow up. If you are offended at people using in game money everyone has to an advantage then surely a cosistent person would be offended by a player using out of game money that not everyone has. I'm not at all opposed to cash players, it keeps the game free, but you do not have the moral high ground you are professing. It would be like using fighting words to someone and then in the same breath act like the bigger person and say let's not start a fight. It is inconsistent at best and was hypocritical at worst, now it goes into a whole new realm.
25/06/18 12:46
Sure monks... whatever you say.

Anyways dude enjoy the game, ill just use MB on top of my purchased players then everyones happy

I used today and killed my opponent so its cool now... ive joined the MB band wagon.

Hope you have an awesome day and ni hard feelings and if you are offended, sorry for calling you stupid.
25/06/18 15:29
I'm not offended, I'm just over people rolling in the mud and claiming they are clean. Congrats on owning your hypocrisy, next you can own your cowardly name calling followed by peace request in the same breath. Chill out and relax, you don't like mb, nobody likes mb, but once you get to the top 3 levels you give in and use mb strategically or you get demoted. It is that simple
25/06/18 18:47
Mark MollMarkman1 :

@Dreadlock - respect you as a player. I advanced from lvl1 to 60 in 21 seasons and getting there has made me realize that everyone at the top uses mb.

Ill give up my fight against MB! Ill learn to deal with it I guess

Cheers pal, appreciate that.
That's some good advancement mate, good going.
Yeh everyone at top uses, theres not much else to spend on once your city is done, so exspect it being used the higher you get, particularly with bought players.
No one likes it but it will be with us a long while I feel.
26/06/18 05:36
one of the biggest reasons I quit a long time ago was because my knowledge of RM was very limited and i wanted to play straight up no MB's no sports gear just pure outright tactics and If i lost I could of at least said it was a fair game but Tbh I just didn't know at least if MB was removed I could of said I lost due to lack of knowledge but the game was ruined by not listening to the peoples demands, and basically the devs doing what they wanted instead of what the people wanted. so they killed there own game really anyway enjoy the retirement like myself and many others are.
08/08/18 16:35
Not sure what the issue is personally. Here is my take on what is, admittedly, so far pretty limited experienced of the very top. Ranking games and friendlies are no MB guaranteed. So you practice like mad there and develop your strats. That is a lot of fun. The top 10 is constantly changing, just wish even more teams would fight their way up there.

Championships - there seems to be a generally accepted rule at level 72 (currently, but whatever the top level is as you read this) that if you don't contact the player beforehand, then you assume they will or there is a good chance they will use MB. Championships therefore consist of contacting players from other guilds via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to check they are okay with no MB. No contact = likely use of MB. Either way you know pretty much exactly where you stand unless you organise a no-MB match and someone pulls a fast one on you. Also part of the tactics, underhand somewhat, but still all part of the game.

Tournaments. Who wastes their pennies on MB in tournaments? Seriously?

GCs. Slightly more incentive to use it there, but hey ho, it kinda makes them more interesting trying to defend them.

So strap on your man-pad and just get on with it, I say.