training points

08/12/16 20:34
was just adding my training points to my players only to click back over to player and notice they are at same level as before but points that i put on them are gone please fix otherwise the most important thing we do with are players obselete
09/12/16 09:59
When it happens, try to restart the game, one of the values should not be up to date. Training points can't simply vanish this way.
09/12/16 18:09
well tell me what happened to my dang points
09/12/16 19:36
I see a lot of complaints , and very little in the way of improvements and the ones that have been made are irrelevant. I think it's time we all called time on the game. Afterall the game is past it's sell by date. I think i'll be calling myself f Retired TT at the end of the season or something similar. I might still upgrade a few buildings but I've got no interest in playing the game with the current countless issues unsolved.
14/12/16 19:09
I am having issues today not able to add training points or in middle of adding them numbers go back about 10 points every time I add some please fix
15/12/16 10:39
Have you tried to restart the app?
It could happen if the internet connexion is momentarily unavailable.