A button to block invites from certain guilds would be nice

30/12/16 09:56
Thankyou for inviting me goat several times GOAT and I wish you all the best, however can you please stop inviting me It's kinda getting a bit annoying now like haven't you guys got the message if not I'll make it clear for you I'M NOT INTERESTED must have been invited like 10 times in the past two week,
31/12/16 19:45
What's your game name? I'll pass on the message.
01/01/17 02:10
Thanks Touchy tigers,

in Rebels of the Rebellion also send my apologies so them but yes if you wouldn't invite me that would be much appreciated at least for now
01/01/17 09:31
Ash take it as a compliment. I dont get many invites to join other guilds.. you must have a great team if they want you that much
01/01/17 19:47
ye i may think a few people hate me at the moment been sending loads out to fill our new guild lol
04/01/17 17:58
Ash, do you like anything about this game? I have yet to see one positive post, lol.
05/01/17 02:33
OMG W/B John ::)

very cool to see you..

No for real! I am very happy to see you!!