Touchdown Manager feedback!

12/07/16 09:01
will there be some sort of draft element to the game sometime down the line?
12/07/16 22:22
hate having to start completely over everytime I use this game
13/07/16 04:01
can i start playing
13/07/16 12:06
You can
13/07/16 14:42
David Sellers : Can you retry to select strategies during game please? It works for me.
Trainings give generate training points you can assign to players skills. The amount of points earned depends on the training duration, training facility level, player learning speed, and player current energy. Players' energy is consumed by trainings and matches, and is refilled in function of the players' recovery speed. Build an infirmary to increase the recovery speed of all your players. You can also use heal kits to immediately restore 5% energy per kit.
Do you have others questions about training and resting?

Christopher Brown : What do you mean?

guest_1468353279437 : bug fixed, sorry

guest_1468375171932 : Click here to play :
13/07/16 15:08
I set everything up yesterday on 7/12 and I sign in today and they me to reset my stadium and everything else up. I lost everything WHY???????
13/07/16 16:23
It's okay for now, reason I say that is because I'm just learning how things work
14/07/16 03:08
There is something i dont like i went aginst someone that is 7.18 vs me 7.86 and he beat me 26-0 how is that even possible i can understand if we were close but i am almost .70 over him and he beat me bye 26 why and how is that possible i dont understand i have had that twice now i am higher average qulity than him and he still beat me bye 26 i would think the higher u are the better chance u winning but if that is not the case then what is the point on trying to go higher in the game if someone like that is going to beat u everytime
14/07/16 23:28
is there some explanation on how to use the training points, or how the points get turned into stars. I have no idea how best to use that feature and i am sure i am not getting the most benefit from it since, again, its not documented.

really not well documented.
for feedback, how about you tell us how to play your game. the faq is really sparse and not as helpful as it should be.
It all seems random right now. the play designation is still not working 100% of the time.
all this generates frustration. I cannot recommend this game until somethings get improved.

ok some data: ran 15 plays, pro-set never ran proset plays. 0 for 5 shot gun 3 for 5 *(ran wishbone the other 2 times) wishbone, was 2 for 5 (1 proset and 2 shot gun) come on. 33% acccuracy??? i am not setting plays anymore because it simply ignores me. and if i let the game pick my plays, WHY am i bothering to play. the game is a simple build the structures and collect income type game and FB has about 30 of those that do what they are supposed to do.

and whoever posted bug fixed above, IT IS NOT FIXED.

Well another week has gone by and nothing has changed. i guess its not going to get fixed or explained.
15/07/16 20:53