27/06/18 18:22
I apologize in advance for my bad English and my faults. I play rugby manager since 3 years and I climbed from level one to one or 2 by 2 but I never "bought" a promotion at the top level.
I admit that sometimes we help friendly teams (for money, or ranking and just friendship) .
complaining on a forum by proposing a penalty seems a little easier then you lost against the French 3 teams.

I have been a "victim" of arrangements in the past without ever being a "bad loser" in the end it's just a game.
I wish you good luck for the rest of the game.
maybe we will be our opponent again.
sports friendship
Nicolas Biral "Auterive"

I hope my english was clear
27/06/18 19:08
Hello everyone
the request is a little funny
without understanding the normousain and auterive would have had even more points

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