Further Feedback from Sweet Nitro

02/09/18 18:38
02/09/18 21:27
Black Monks :

Should you forward what? You have been banned, you know it. Statements of such have been made and confirmed. What would the devs care if I speak the truth? So you can mention people being banned but others can't. Yet another hypocritical comment and look at you become the victim again. #notmyrugbyvalue

Oh I didn t see this one.
Thank you for this. I highly suggest you now to have those “confirmed” statements as those are real accusations (written).
Once again, thank you for this.
02/09/18 21:45
Alright guys. Knock it off now. I think that's enuf!
02/09/18 21:56
Sorry Peanut Butta, but this one will go to the developers.
He maybe finds it funny, but at some point I have to put an end to this. I was nice until now to try to ignore him..

As he has all these confirmed statements about all my lies on every single topic (which are written accusations), he will deal with the developers to confirm all his statements.
Personally, I really don’t care about him, but there are teenagers on this forum who could be hurt by such continuous accusations and attitude (he insulted many people in the forum in the past). At some points, you also have to take your responsibilities.
No worries for him.. as he has strong evidence for everything.. there should not be any issue.
02/09/18 22:13
Pb, I think you are right. Kotj, me acknowledging your lies is not a rules violation and we have mods. You are just wanting to be a victim #notmyrugbyvalues.
02/09/18 22:15
Hi KotJ,
this argument has been on for 8 pages now, If I was new to the Forum, this would certainly have put me off visiting again! I even feel myself, now - what's the point?
This could have been 'put to bed', long ago. But, neither of you have had the sense to do so. Your egos' have been raging, out of control. In my eyes you have BOTH made fools of yourselves.

Please, BM. Do not respond.

Peace out!
02/09/18 22:17
If you stop lies I stop pointing out your lies. Deals? And remember, all I did was encourage you to quote me to show how evil I am, and you can't. Dont be that guy who is a victim in life, rise above and be honest instead
02/09/18 22:24
Peanut Butta, I completely understand.. I would think exactly the same.

But i am done.. I saw him mentioning my name in several conversations where i was not even involved. This game is over.
No deal Black Monks. Each of us will take the responsibilities for everything that has been said.

PS: No worries, you never lied.. So it will probably go only against me, right? ...
02/09/18 22:29
What responsibility do I need. The only thing you have shown is something from 2 years ago. Let it go, give me your blah blah ignore line and move on. If I mention you unfairly show the quote, dont run to the bosses. I apologize for proving you lie, now stop the lies and we are good.
02/09/18 23:45
No worries. Just make sure you have all your confirmed written statements and proof about my lies (especially the ones where I have been banned many times, and that I get conversations deleted etc...as those ones are very easy to check for the developers.. it s their forum.. they can easily see all the changes, you know that, right?).
As you never lied in this conversation, no worries.
And don't worry, I told them to also check my conversations/responses to make sure I don't manipulate them.

Best advice I can give you: Ignore me now. We have nothing to say to each other.

PS: Sincere apologies to all the people who will read this useless thread. I don t accept all Black Monks accusations anymore and just want to end this.