quality vs. fans

04/10/16 21:17
Is there any particular reason why this game uses FANS as a more important factor than QUALITY, seems a strange way to determine the best squads and hardly makes one want to improve stadium size
05/10/16 16:50
I fully agree willan.. the rankings are judged incorrectly any team can have a massive fan base.. this is why there is so many undeserving teams near the top..
06/10/16 20:29
I have a team 118 rated so pretty decent but I have no intentions of even trying to max the fanbase out because I know people who have the top top stadium they paid over 80 million to build it get 110 fans a time but they lose one game and they lose over 1000 fans so to gain the fans back it takes a minimium of 10 games and for all that money I think it's better spent elsewhere
07/10/16 08:39
as i said before,it will be good if they will make a kind of champions league apart the tournament for all the champions,at least the 3 first players in a league level can participate or the number will depend on the level...the number of fans will never show who is the best team....now,it's a team in level 27 which is number one...totally stupid because it's easier to keep his fans up with his league than being in the top level where each team is very strong .
07/10/16 19:06
star quality is not a good measure either...
some purposely buy lvl 10 players to keep the star quality down....