Training efficiency

06/03/16 11:43
How does the calculation work and is it only based upon training.
Currently I am at 500% and it doesn't seem to be making a huge difference to when I was much lower.
07/03/16 11:00
Several things influence the amount of earned training points : duration of the training, facility level, players' training speed and their current energy.
10/03/16 10:45
what effect does energy have on it . are there some numbers so we can do the math
16/03/16 12:49
Great question, am looking forward to the answer. It makes sense that a player starting with 100% energy trains better than one starting with 60%, but how big is the difference, that knowledge will help people decide whether to use heal kits ahead of training, or of course wait etc etc
17/03/16 13:46
Looking forward too for an answer