Youth Academy

18/09/16 18:58
Hi frustrated players (Wrexham Dragons from #J9 - Benchwarmers)

I know a lot of us feel so frustrated with how stagnate the game has become. I have something I think would be an interesting development -

We currently have 3 strategy buildings, each do the same thing (would have been easy to make one a forwards, one a backs & one a team strategy one but that was too difficult), why not make one of the buildings a youth academy.....

18/09/16 19:18
Yes, I like the sound of that, but players have been asking for a youth Academy for ages. I would say, let's hope for the best
18/09/16 22:52
I think that's a good idea.
22/09/16 12:20
Great idea
23/09/16 09:53
It's a good idea that has been suggested many times.

Let's hop they listen

All the changes over the last few months have been about adding a level or fans.
Very little if anything on strategy since spacing arrived (which was a great addition)

It's the strategy side that will stop players getting bored. (We continue to lose good players consistently unfortunately)

MB is vastly improved, but strategy has to be the focus.
24/09/16 14:15
Taff - International Lions :


Let's hop they listen


What? If we HOP then they'll listen and introduce an academy building? Really, it's that easy?

I'm hopping as I type...