BMRS records are made to be broken

14/08/17 18:36
BIA have put in a significant effort and have shattered the records, once again, for high score and members in the top 100.

BIA 750
Flying fijians. 576
Spuitpoep. 355
Cagnannaise. 351
Terranova. 317
Lomus legends. 304
L'espirit de rugby milf. 243
Aussie all stars. 181
15/08/17 07:03
How often do you compile your rankings BM?
15/08/17 10:43
If he's any sense, he'll do it fairly randomly to stop people trying to rig it.
The frequency of appearance of results tends to suggest he's quite sensible.
15/08/17 14:36
I would do them more often but I'm in the final stage of my MBA program. I do them when work gives me 15 minutes of free time. On the rigging side of things I am proud to say that all my guild mates, and they range on several sides of the forum spectrum (plenty of displeasure between my mates), I am proud to say I have never been part of rigging the BMRS even though I could easily coordinate with my own guild. When I got to BIA yesterday I noticed that they had shattered the record so threw one together. And in all fairness to flying fijians and others, if I see they are dominating I will put a BMRS together for them. In fact I did once before being shown that it was 4 guilds combined. Moral of the story, I may keep things random like suggested to prevent rigging or I may start doing them one day a week so that guilds know when to compete for the top and all guilds are on an even playing field. Any thoughts or suggestions will be considered but the BMRS board of directors will decide which to implement.
15/08/17 20:17
I like the fact it's so random no one can predict when your going to do it, so the top teams are really the top teams consistently challenging
18/08/17 13:05
I hoping the Ball Boys should shortly be on the radar. Weve switched focus from fans to rankings. How are you anyway Sir.