hall of fame players

03/06/18 13:08
can we have like hall of fame players
03/06/18 23:12
I vote for my little boy "Rhino" of the Brothers in Arms Guild (or whatever they are called at the minute for a legend status.

04/06/18 17:37
I fully agree with Brenda, unfortunately until he learns to be more responsible with his credit card I have full control of his account. In the mean time he's enjoying spending quality time with me mainly watching boxsets.
04/06/18 18:12
Haha, we suspected he wasn't his normal self, go easy on him 2.0. I seem to remember "call the midwife" was a big favourite of his.
05/06/18 10:39
haha i wane see his team were can i find him guild name
05/06/18 15:43
Today their called, we love a bit a bit of 'boy george' now & again.
Just scroll through the top 100, there's usually one in there.