Test Environment

15/02/19 20:16
Sweet Nitro

Why don't you have a test environment that includes active players that would enable you to test before deploying your updates

Given the number of 'bugs' you release on each occasion surely that's just common sense?
15/02/19 22:26
Test servers with invites for beta testing by existing players of all abilities are the norm in most online games worth their salt and can only be good for all. Alpha-test in-house, then beta-test with real players before release is how most games companies work. Avoids major cock-ups like we have seen recently. Never 100% effective but way better than how it is currently done.
17/02/19 06:18
or you can be fix it or fuck it devs like this mob
17/02/19 08:39
The answer you seek is maybe in the development group