Shoutout to friends and foes. From Wu-Tang/Seaturkeys.

11/04/19 06:50
Zεkε :

Guest DDEC8E :

Hey buddy's, nice to see you Pimps playing again. Make it for sure interesting. TK

Hey TK, been busy as hell with work and haven't played much. Will have to get back up there and play some leapfrog. lol Great team you have!

Thx buddy, I missed our battle's the last time. Not easy to beat you man. So let's have some nice fight'
11/04/19 06:51
I wish you luck, Wu. Last I talked to Killer Clouds,he had nothing but respect for you. He's chilled out alot from how he was in the beginning, he was in the Reapers for a little while, but decided to go back home to the Outsiders. Sorry, but I won't be joining you with the Pimps. Long story, but we had a fallout of sorts...
11/04/19 21:50
Say Wu, I know I had you as a friend on Facebook at one time, what's your profile name bro