Patch 2.0

20/10/15 12:46
And how the rest of us be compensated?
26/10/15 09:33
Its great to see that this has been ingnored - I will certainly factor that in if I ever need to spend money in this game or when giving other advise..
26/10/15 13:01
You are not in the buggy championship. For what do you want a compensation ?
26/10/15 14:17
money Pierrot!

13 games x 1.3 million = almost 17 million!!!!!

and about 10 training points for the starting 11 players.

and yes, in return I will pay 250 heal kitts due to more injuries if you pay more matches
26/10/15 17:16
This championship crashed 3 days ago, all scores have been reseted. All match bonus they spent are gone for nothing. Moreover they have twice more injuries, energy loss, yellow cards ...
Off course they will be compensated for that, but trust me, you don't want to be in a buggy championship.
26/10/15 19:34
I hardly use a match bonus. Less then 100.000 per game anyway. So that can be deducted from the 17 million. Lets call it an even 15 million.
And the 250 heal kitts should be more then enough to compensate for the injuries and health loss.

No one wants to play in a buggy championship, but if a bug gets me a lot of extra money, which I can use to improve my stadium then I will take that.

PS For the guys in the the championship with Dollard. This is not about you guys. It is about this game and the way it is managed. And about the ridiculous answers from admins in this forum ...if you get ananswer at all!
27/10/15 08:22
Pierre, your analyses is based on opinion - You are not comparing apples with apples, we have lost out on money due to playing less matches which would of given our buildings a huge leap forward for the future..

Depending on how they played their matches, they could of handled how many other matches they play to minimise energy loss - play with correct tactics to minimise injuries and cards. Also you said you're compensating them for these effects - so they will be compensated for these effects hence negating them and will be richer by the 13 extra game's revenue. Please use some logic..

And as SA Swan mentioned there is nothing against the players of the game..
27/10/15 09:45
the game concept of FC1 is far better than FC2..
FC 2 is better on what is look like.. (3D)

the rest is
27/10/15 14:19
Cygnus :

the game concept of FC1 is far better than FC2..
FC 2 is better on what is look like.. (3D)

the rest is

Cygnus i think you meant to say the rest is "BULL$HIT"
28/10/15 01:50
yes man, i'm east people, its forbidden for me to say that word..
thanks to make it clear