Why are some guys bad losers

23/07/16 21:27
Bit disappointed in some of my team, it's a bit shallow that you can't take it being beaten all the time. Yes, yiu might have been a big player but come on.. Your only as good as your last game. You know who I'm talking about....
23/07/16 21:49
Mythica what's up with you man? Pull yourself together.... Hope you read this message and put your credit card down for a second because those new players you got suck! Money well wasted...
23/07/16 21:58
Haha my Credit Card was abducted by Aliens so the only thing lower than my team rating is my credit rating. My squad is limited, not like Jokers with 80 players after selling 40 and yet they still don't have a decent team...
23/07/16 22:00
See, exactly my point... Bad losers both of you.. Money can't buy strats.. Bloody idiots. Really getting frustrated, it's like playing with a bunch of 5 year olds with Daddy's credit card...
23/07/16 22:02
Same with DHL, only playing guys when low on energy then bragging about how good he is.. Bunch of arrogant twats...
23/07/16 22:07
You not be any chance super stormer AKA super moaner are you? If I was you I would rather look at myself and stop hiding behind your "mini me" hillcrest who by the way is just as weak as you..... Moaners belong in my bed not in the game.
23/07/16 22:11
And by the way, only time I moan is when it gets so boring beating yiu guys all the time... Same strats over and over... So predictable..
23/07/16 23:17
Stormers is just having a sucky day besides who can walk around with s name like stormers after today. Should think about changing his name to stromless... bulldogs is a dog that is all bark and not bite.myth well his nothing more than just a myth...
23/07/16 23:45
youre all rubbish now go back to play with ya toys
23/07/16 23:53
Quest, why log in as a quest... Hiding are you ?