Sports shop

31/03/17 11:29
There are no products to buy in my sport shop is this an update issue?
31/03/17 11:51
Same issue... would have expected something at the start of the new season.
31/03/17 12:20
Nope nothing in mine either
31/03/17 13:48
Same here
31/03/17 14:09
Me too
31/03/17 19:33
The sports shop made no difference whatsoever. Sublinet need to compensate people the money they spent on it.
01/04/17 10:54
Is it possible for Sublinet to give to all of us (french and english players) some explanation about this bug ?
Can we expect to use this item for this season or not ?

Thanks to take care of this question...
Answer will be really appreciate

01/04/17 11:32
Has anybody raised a ticket about it?
01/04/17 11:52
@Waspy tiger
Ticket + question on french forum + question on English forum and nobody reply...
Is Sublinet take care of their gamers and their request and questions ??
No sure for my concern.

01/04/17 11:52
Waspy Tiger :

Has anybody raised a ticket about it?

I have now.