22/02/16 13:48
how does it work with yellow cards / red cards and suspensions??
do cards in friendlies, tournaments, challenges or training matches matter?
how long does a yallow card stick to a player?
how long does a suspension last? why cant a suspended player play in other matches then the one he is suspended for

home field advantage:
Is there home field advantage in training, friendly and challenge matches?

26/02/16 13:01
How does 2 builders work?
Are they faster? Or can you just start 2 different buildings?
26/02/16 21:24
you build simultaneous buildings with more builders
27/02/16 20:41
I was wondering about yellow cards and suspensions myself. How do they work? How many booking = ban?
02/03/16 10:50
Joe, two yellow cards becomes a red which becomes a suspension, So a player on a yellow who gets another yellow is suspended.

I need to clarify on this but my initial remark is that when you receive a card in for example a championship match, it takes another championship match to cancel out the if you have a red card in today's championship - the player is suspended until the next championship match takes place.. if its at the end on one season then the player will be suspended until the new championships first match has been played.

However in order completely answer the questions illustrated in this topic, I have posed these questions to the admins and will feedback as soon as I have a response.
03/03/16 07:12
Okay so an update on the above post - whats listed is how the cards works.. cards are only saved from championship matches.
10/03/16 12:33
An update from Pierre on the tournament issue for the higher tiers:

"The problem is more complicated than expected and will require a big update, which we are working on"
16/03/16 14:33
I have been signed out and i cant sign in again with my last username unless i start the game again!!!! Pls help me
16/03/16 17:17
Hi Guest,

Are you trying to log in on pc or mobile app?

If its on your mobile phone then try resigning in onto your facebook account..

If its on the pc, report the issue using the following link (select account) and explain why you cannnot log in (eg. forgot password):
31/03/16 10:46
Why do you lose your player if don't sell him on the transfer market