22/11/15 16:40
Leagues should be 26 game seasons I.e. Play each other home and away as in real life. This will give also give each team more time to make changes during the season and hopefully a bit more competative. Promotion top 2 only relegation bottom 2. Promoted teams only to be promoted to the next level. The players could also be given an extra point quality each for both promoted teams to give them a chance of staying up. Or the team finishing second could have just half of the squad given an extra quality point (random selection) and the champions whole squad an extra quality point. All promoted teams should have all those players will a quality of less than 10 be increased to 10 in order that they can be put up for transfer instead of costing the club wages when they are hardly ever to play again.
22/11/15 18:55
I agree with a promotion/relegation system. We need a limited number of leagues were all the best players are battling at the top. Infinite levels will eventually get boring.
03/01/16 12:38
i total agree with 26 game season but i would put 4 up and 4 down to keep the mid table exciting
05/01/16 12:50
I don't, I think 26 games would be too long, I do agree with making the two lowest teams go down a league
06/01/16 08:19
An extension to 26 games means nearly a month before promotion to the next grade,If you come 1st or 2nd,which is long enough in itself,without having to wait another month to hopefully get 1st or 2nd to upgrade,and then another if you don't.

Bugger that!

If your gonna go down this path,at least 2 games a day will be required with a minimum of top 4 upgrading.

Personally, I think its fine how it is since they shortened the season.

I mean,who wants to go no where,let alone backwards?
I certainly don't,I'd sooner quit the game.