Suggestion !! Players to put their players up for loan to friends or guildmates instead of selling them for next to nothing ! this will put another twist to the game !

29/12/15 17:01
Hi Guys ! A lot of times I sell players for next to nothing ! Why not let managers decide wether they want to put their player up for loan to other clubs instead of selling them for next too nothing ! This will definitely bring another never before seen twist to the game !!! Another way of earning much needed cash etc !
30/12/15 06:34
Certainly not a bad idea
30/12/15 19:36
Bad idea unless the loans are outrageously expensive and/or are week long loans or something, otherwise with guild challenges all you need to do is pass around the highest star players...
30/12/15 23:23
Maybe a permanent thing rather than a loan.
Inner guild sales,with restrictions such as unable to resell a player until a new season starts.