sorry to say but what's going on?

04/01/16 18:15
Hi I downloaded this game yesterday and have tried tweaking various things upgraded one or two things but how am I supposed to transfer anybody I have 40 coins available but players are going for hundreds also I have to say it very confusing and not very keep playing friendly. Surly it would be better to take people through the game so they understand and want to play the game. Sorry to offend anyone but just disapointed.
04/01/16 22:10
Good to see floods of info or help coming in. Time to uninstall and when the game writes a help guide to get you started I'll come back.
05/01/16 01:00
What a whining impatient prick. When thousands of people have managed to make it without help atleast give it a day before you start complaining that no ones bending a knee.
05/01/16 11:59
It must be a we know that guys don't read manuals
06/01/16 07:55
guest_1443304101417 :

It must be a we know that guys don't read manuals