Match Bonus

14/01/17 15:35
Very much the bone of contention and has seen people leaving. Do we really need it?? Your team is as good as you personally make it and so when someone who isn't that bothered just throws MB into the mix it's a bit of a nonsense win for the lesser capable team. I don't see the benefit other than it serves as a frustrating addition just to satisfy a poorly drawn Guild Challenge by the server.

It would encourage more strategical thinking and everyone will know it was through their own merits they won or that they need to look at tactics if they lose. Bit like rugby really I guess
14/01/17 15:53
You'll find many like minded people round here. Sadly the developers barely listen - there have been some concessions such as reducing it by 1% per season but let's be honest that's not going to do much... personally I'd like to see it gone completely and the home advantage lessened. I think they way the rankings work is a step in the right direction but until we have less of an innate home advantage it will still not really reflect your team's ability...
14/01/17 16:38
The lack of mb in personal challenges on the map is amazing. I feel half the people that are low are low due to fans and the other 90% are there because they aren't good without mb. We get to prove we belong on the map! But of course I want all mb gone, however if I were a player on the pitch with 29 other guys that had medical exemptions for steroids I would get the medical exemptions as well even though I didn't like it. Championship has become just a mode to get to higher levels and personal ranking to prove you deserve it.
14/01/17 23:28
I have to agree I am really enjoying the ranking system. Admittedly I was very sceptical about it and actually slagged it off, now it has settled it is really good.
Have to admit the home advantage sucks especially when off line so hard to defend that and subs. We need an option of automatic subs because I am positive I would have won allot more games that way and not lost fans.
14/01/17 23:42
I think the home advantage boils down a lot to people playing with high rhythm. I play with a lower rhythm and once I weather the initial storm I do fairly well. I played a guy today twice in defense, a guy I really respect and has proven to be high quality, and won both without subs and he had subs. Some think strat has little impact but I love how every strength has a liability. And changing one thing effects 5 things. Team a might dominate team b who dominates team c who dominates team a. Having mb out of the map is great to make strat development occur because we get beat bad and know we got beat bad, we can't just assume mb.