No disputes in forum

06/03/17 22:10
Just thought I would say well done to all the last couple of weeks the forum has become a family friendly environment
where discussions can take place
06/03/17 22:18
It's amazing what happens when people aren't openly mocked. Good job gents.
06/03/17 22:33
Totally agree black monks
06/03/17 22:49
I am glad you are sorry for forcing fada to delete my retirement thread since he could not condone the mocking directed at me.
07/03/17 09:25
Black monks please don't start this again it was a post praising how people have moved on and how the forum is a better place for it
07/03/17 10:59
Jeeeez, isn't it dull? I swear i just seen a tumble-weed go past my computer screen.
07/03/17 11:09
07/03/17 13:43
So I can't say how nice it has been, only you can? I was just pointing out the exact time it became nice in the forum, it was exactly after fada said he was punishing the mods for mocking me to a point he was forced to delete a post. We agree colstons, it has been nice and calm and no moderation needed since the moderators have been quiet.
07/03/17 14:28
The moderators have been 'quiet' because there has been no recent need for any overt action. Thank you for that and please keep it this way.
07/03/17 14:31
You know I will. All I've done in the past month is ask for one apology and then try to keep you guys from forcing others to delete our posts. Hopefully this won't be needed anymore and we can maintain the civil conversations that were able to occur in your absences