Welcome back

09/03/17 11:10
Black monks nice to see you back playing, never like to see teams retiring from rugby manager
09/03/17 13:21
Still retired big guy, got a team to help my guild in a gvg, nothing more. Thanks for keeping an eye on me bristol
09/03/17 13:27
Shame the game needs many players hope you decide you can carry on and play full time
09/03/17 14:57
So how many teams do you guys at team GB keep an eye on? Or am I the only one you stalk in the game and mock in the forum? Special treatment is very interesting from people that are supposed to moderate, not instigate. Although, if you changed your title to instigator I guess I couldn't really say anything at that point
09/03/17 15:14
Black monks really is there a need for you to start acting this way. I'm haven't seen anyone else who has retired back online to welcome back
09/03/17 15:16
You can certainly add Mooners and I to their spy/hatred list. Bristol, you are a moderator, what is the purpose of this post?
09/03/17 15:19
And Bristol, you have seen many retire and come back. I sold all my players, only to be given a brand new team from your bosses as compensation over moderator behaviour. Taff and Wizz retire every day too.
09/03/17 15:19
You ask for us to be friendly you moan when you say we're Not friendly you moan we can't win, I don't want to see people disappear from the game the more competition the better and all helps us improve
09/03/17 15:20
They say there retiring but never sell up and leave guilds they just carry on playing
09/03/17 15:22
No spy or hatred list, I think all teams challenge teams ranked above (teams they respect for tactics) to improve themselves