21/11/16 01:16
Doghouse, I agree the slider needs to go. However, it's part of the money making scheme in the game. So, I can see why the developers added it.

Ashley, I will get what's coming to me?..... For what? Playing the game it was intended to be played by the developers and just putting more time and cash in it than you? Good luck with that. And more so, good luck with life. Nobody owes you a damn thing. if you want something, then earn it like those of us who work hard to achieve goals in life.
21/11/16 01:38
Come on guys! Doesn't need to be "realistic"! It's a GAME!

21/11/16 01:46
funny thing is..their team page is called "The Rebellion".
Against what....I have NO idea.
22/11/16 12:29
Pack player?
22/11/16 15:58
Pack payers are the ones that are bought for real money they already have maxed stats for there championship level in every skill area that is why I disagree with them there is no work to it I could buy a full set tomorrow anybody could doesn't mean where any good at the game. To get a pack player just click on the present symbol I believe it's in the top left but personally I would rather win through training a legit team properly I don't see the point to buying a super team knowing your going to piss the league and win every match how boring that must be.
23/11/16 02:56
Mr whinny opps I mean Ashley you keep talking about these pack players and the only one that I see that has them is the guy in your guild by the name of John B. Funny thing is he still can't beat any of us unless he uses his slider. Now that right there is just some funny shit right there, LMAO!!!!!!!
23/11/16 15:46
With no disrespect, but I've seen John beat your lot he's sometimes posted a win against your lot on chat, and lets face it if I can beat bottom end of yours john is certainly capable of beating the vast majority of your teams. In friendlies the slider doesn't have any effect so if he beats you in friendly it is most likely cos John is on full health and you've just trained or are in the middle of an intensive session. I've sometimes beat some of your lads and they've beat me back but not too fussed cos a lot of the time I'm beat i'm not that great anyway but when your lads are playing me I have like 60% health as i'm forever training so not really a true reflection cos if it was league i'd be on 100% health.
23/11/16 22:55
You do know that heath has nothing to do in a friendly game?
23/11/16 23:43
Oops, put the response in the wrong thread