to the dynasty reborn

06/08/18 22:24
for those that dont know me .. I am Paw Paw Hill .. I recently got invited to join Dynasty Reborn .. for those unaware i am a former member of the Original Dynasty .. When Dynasty was formed it was one of like 6 avaiable guilds ... Dynasty was the pinnacle of the guilds ,, Every player and every guild wanted to be us ... it was the first guild at that time was dedicated to becoming the best .. to learning tactics and sharing them within the guild ... unfortunatley our egos got the best of us and the band seperated .. many off shoots of the original dynaasty are still around today .. Pimpin ,, brotherhood , #1 , bones brigade n Rebels of the rebellion , and a few more have ,, had had members of the original dynasty or those trained by those from it ..
,, I know i have had my issues with dynasty members ,, i know i left dynasty under not nicest of situations .. , but those issues have been discussed with those involved .. and wounds have been healed ,.,,
I left dynasty almost 2 years ago . i moved to brotherhood .. its where i found a home its whrere i found my brothers ..
So to whover sent me an invite .. i must decline .. its nothing personal .. but i cant leave my brothers .. dynasty made me .. hopefully i can return to being one of the top 10 -15 guys playing this ,and i will owe alot of it to what i learned in dynasty .. i thank you for the invite but i just cant
06/08/18 23:57
Not many Dynasty players are left Paw Paw. And the Pinnacle has shifted to Pimps. It was nice of you to reply to their invite =)
07/08/18 04:07
jammin long time no see ....... i remeber training you when you were in Blacksheep ... true the pinnacle has shifted to pimpin ... i have no ill feelings towards pimpin ,, you guys know your shit .. and your all super competitive .. kinda like me ,,, i have had my fair share of invites from pimpin too.. ,the only reason i am replying is because i beleive the person who sent me the invite is a person i had a disagreement with when i was in dynasty .. just to let them know its not personal that im staying where i am out of loyalty ..
07/08/18 04:58
Thank you for all your help brother. Help is never forgotten =) Happy to see an OG back
07/08/18 05:17
no prob ... i enjoy showing people that there is more to this game then getting players
07/08/18 20:39
I had a blast! it was very cool to be part of the orig crew of bad asses there was never a guild like it. not even the pimps..

I think whenever you get a bunch of people together like that there will be some crazy stuff.. in the end the brotherhood has it's roots with Big D and we will never forget that..

I myself had some pretty major things all going wrong in life at the same time.. my temperament was not where it norm is .lol think we all handled things piss poor.. But it was fun as all hell beating the hell out of each other for the first year this game was around lol .. no hard feeling to ANYONE in this game.. in the end it's just a game.. and Damm I've made some very cool Friends playing this one.. be well I wish you all nothing but the best!
10/08/18 00:33
I have made some very cool friends too Randy, best part of the game =)
15/08/18 22:31
That is a freaking great post Dominic. Hard to put into words about the start of the game.
06/10/18 23:22
Reborn I have to tell you that was a fun GC.. how much did Mac make off of us ? lol..

many more to come!
be well keep on playing!
09/10/18 23:11
wow can't believe you guys still play randy was my one and only leader you may remember me touchy tigers was my name i had a bad rep within the game so I no longer play but great to see you guys still smashing it at the top