The Maddogs' Holiday OpenTournament of Fun - *** Details will be here***

21/12/18 16:05
hey all. seems like we have interest from multiple guilds (teams from The Brotherhood, Pimps, The Bar and Empire seem to be interested already, havent seen anything from Outsiders, Dynasty Reborn, Bones but y'all can send teams to play, just haven't had a chance to talk to them).

The plan is to ride out our latest standard tournaments to give teams a chance to play. So planning to kick it off on 26th and looking to fill 32 slots. I will post the custom tourney code in this discussion. so be on the lookout here.

looking forward to it. should be a nice change up from the day to day of this game. maybe add a little excitement to it over the holidays for people who still feel like playing. let me know if you all have any questions. Thanks for playing and good luck out there.

The Maddogs.
21/12/18 23:14
It's been so long since I played one of these but one thing that sucks is it takes 4 days to start from being initiated I think. My tourney final is tomorrow and I won't start another so I can join yours when started. Sounds like you won't have a problem filling it up and it should be better now with no more boosting slider.
21/12/18 23:48
yep. I moved on to the semis tomorrow. I do feel bad having teams miss tournaments, waiting on me. should be a better way to do this but I don't think they give a damn.

22/12/18 00:54
Pfft.... It's worth it to have some fun. There hasn't been one of these in a while. A nice break from the minotiny of normal play. =)
22/12/18 00:56
yeah exactly what I was thinking.
22/12/18 01:36
I'm definitely interested, sounds fun. I think the devs should sponser another big one like last time.
22/12/18 02:12
When do you expect to post a code? I'm starting a new tourney tomorrow but can leave whenever I need to.
22/12/18 02:14
The 26th? I need to read a bit before I talk
22/12/18 02:55
haha yeah. I figured take Christmas "off", do our thing then kick it off on the 26th. so people can plan for it.
24/12/18 00:33
code is: 1AABT

I have it set it for 72 hours so thinking it will start on the 26th.