Pimps always have open minds

11/02/19 00:58
In case people forgot about us, we are always looking for solid, active teams to be part of our great guild. If you are a veteran who wants a change of scenery, friendly one of our leaders 2x. If you are a younger team wanting to be created into a beast, friendly one of our leaders at Fast Risers.
We have a couple spots open and would like to fill them with present or future greats. =)

Jammin Giants
11/02/19 01:14
11/02/19 02:43
You usually have more colorful comments Thou, what happened? Sorry to disappoint if you're expecting some sort of shit talking LOL We, like every guild, are on the lookout for new teams. Just hasn't been posted in a while.
Not trying to "steal" any team as we are grown adults(mostly, not me) and can make our own decisions. Anyone who chooses to join us does on their own accord, not mine. Just putting it out there that we are open for new and old teams.

11/02/19 02:53
Lmao... I'll send my Level 11

Just kidding... poor team would be Destroyed!!!
... Z ...
11/02/19 04:33
Lol More of a Fast Risers candidate. Any team is welcome if interested. Well almost anyone.....
Suck it Don and your of band of merry fags
11/02/19 05:25
Jammin, no ill intentions coming from my fingertips. I just found the post interesting. If I was you, I'd probably approach recruiting from a slightly different view. "To anyone that doesn't want to ever play a meaningful game"

Basically teams have two options. Play it safe with the Pimps, or turn the game upside down by joining another guild. Sorry (kinda) to hijack your recruiting post, guess I just picked up the bad habit from the Brotherhood.
11/02/19 05:25
sry a double post
11/02/19 05:50
LOL You're not sorry and it's all good. You caught me on a good day for I'm not looking for a war of words. Just letting teams know our roster is not set in stone. Anyone is welcomed but douche bags will be booted quickly..
I'm not sure joining us is playing it safe, it puts a bullseye on your team. I see it more as a bold decision. Not all are cut out to run with us..... but we will give anyone a chance. =)
11/02/19 05:58
Bullseye it is being a pimp makes u a target I agree. As I have my aim sets always on you. Anyone read this I second this. Pimps have more knowledge then most give them credit. All is far in war, and they will teach u to use every advantage. But if ur more the outsider type, you know, the underdog then join us at outsiders as it isn't only the pimps that know the game inside and out. Look at the top guilds before u join. All are ran differently. Outsiders is a relaxed group with minimal spending, pimps is knowledge and power! I'd suggest one of the two I was to do it all again. There is only the light and the dark side. Where do you stand?!
11/02/19 07:14
The Bar is a pretty relaxed group. Everyone has equal say. I don't think any of our leaders get off on being a leader if you know what I mean. We're like the Outsiders, aiming for the pimps. I think we are closer though. As I said before to beat or tie the pimps, you have to beat Karl and zeke'S two teams. While certainly not easy, we are capable. More capable than the other contenders in my opinion. If The Bar and the outsiders combined our best teams, we'd be there. But that's difficult as everyone likes their guild pretty much the way it is.