To All My Brothers at the Bar

02/08/19 03:25
As everyone might have noticed, I've played a few games here of late. I'm still retired, I just wanted to see where my team stood if I ever did decide to return. I figured my team would be total trash by now, but it seems to have a little life left. But honestly, I kinda enjoy not having my life set to the schedule of this game, and even more so, my wife not having this game to throw in my face. Fewer fights is always a good thing...;) Also, if anyone of my brothers tried to get a hold of me on the Line app, the tablet I had Line installed on is totally trashed. Thank you to everyone who ever took the time to instill any knowledge of this sometimes baffling game to me, from the Pimps to the Bar, right down to the Grim Reapers who helped teach me the most right at the end of Pack Attack's career...I wish all of you the best of luck at whatever you strive to do.