Forum names - Team names

I have just changed my username in 'my profile'. I agree, makes more sense to have Team Name & Guild Name so we can find eachother.
Brumiesalteño - UAR
Im currently in the guild SA Rugby, think we in 29th spot on guild list
Amanzimtoti Rugby Club - Game Of Thrones
Blitz - Terranova
We have some archeologists digging up old threads

Coach Fluffy Pink Ball - The Hooligans with a big SASL member
Adrenalin - TerraNova
Today I'm red monks with BIA. who knows what name will be next and who knows what my guild name might be in 10 minutes
DHSFP - UK Elite "Bonjour TchiK TchaK. Ca va?" (name changed for GC to see if it is a decent French Guild this time).
hull fc - sean