Youth academy (very important)

Hello everyone. In recent months many users have asked for a change for the sake of the future of the game on the difficulty of sign-age problem.

These prpoblemas lead to extremely rapid aging and adding to the problem of being unable to sign because there are not enough players, this makes the game seriously failing.

Therefore as many have already figured out the most viable solution is to create a youth academy.

Those who have constructed buildings all know that there is a plot in which either one could put a youth academy solving the current problem and future problem of massive outflow of serious players to another stranger to this game.

I propose to give more depth to the subject of youth academy, should be the priority of game developers over any other fault (there are many) but I feel this is the biggest problem.

Here I put a possible table of values ​​that could lead the youth academy system in relation to the progressive league that has the game engine, which is perfectly fits the game without breaking the current system.

League-LVL Max Player-Lvl min-max Youth player

21---------140 --------- 100-105
20---------135 --------- 95-100
19---------130 --------- 90-95
18---------125 --------- 85-90
17---------120 --------- 80-85
16---------115 --------- 75-80
15---------110 --------- 70-75
14---------105 --------- 65-70
13---------100 --------- 60-65
12----------95 --------- 55-60
11----------90 --------- 50-55
10----------85 --------- 45-50
09----------80 --------- 40-45
08----------75 --------- 35-40
07----------70 --------- 30-35
06----------65 --------- 25-30
05----------60 --------- 20-25
04----------55 --------- 15-20
03----------50 --------- 10-15
02----------45 --------- 05-10
01----------40 --------- 01-05

Then there could be discussions and ideas to give more detail the system of children

How many youth can take the day, week, or season?

If the academy is level should be 20% youth with better training and energy recovery a level 1?

All must be 18 years? or could be even 17 or 16 years?

All players who feel they have the same problem I ask you to escribais in the post giving your opinion or suggestion, because if there are several pages in post admin say it is not something "TOP" so here I ask that together we can do voice. Thank you

carefully: Forward

This is a good idea. I agree with you. I feel that we should get 5 players per season so that we have good players to play. I am happy at the work you put behind this post. Hope the admins implement it soon.
This is a very good idea indeed, I like the levels that you have created Forward and fully support this idea as well.

It would be nice if there was a youth/junior training building to address the "How many youth can take the day, week, or season?" question - the higher the level of the building, the more youth you can train a month.

There is a free land space for an additional building as well - however this should be unlocked with the building for free initially - as older players would require the use of gold balls to unlock whereas newer players can unlock it with money.
Or a new space should be made which should be unlocked for free. Then we will be able to have our own youth academy.
I hope these are not fairy dreams.