Logging in problems


I have been having logging in problems today along with 3 others from my guild has anybody else had the same

And sweetnitro when are you going to get this game working properly
Same mate, not been able to get online all day until now
(and yes, ALL my teams lost today some coincidence ^_^!)
wow every team you got MK you got like how many accounts how you managed that? very strange indeed but mines just been slow loggin me in but thought it was my computer as it's a tad old like has logged me in everytime i've been switching between me 3 accounts but other than being slow no probs loggin in
The Guild chat box isnt working properly, theres posts on there from 3 days ago and the ask for heals arent appearing on there.
They did some Maintenance today & it has been screwed up ever since
we should be entitled to some free stuff like free heal kits or gold balls its screwing peoples games up
fricking maintenance what a joke they dont there arses from there heads
Well I cant argue with that one