Training speed

This game should increase the efficiency of training for the weak players as everybody already has pack players

How can we compete against pack players if they have everything???
What about those that could come back with why should those that play for free be able to keep pace with those that pay to keep the game going.

It like a lot of things those that pay or pay extra are & should get a better service or some advantage.
Have all players with max capacity is already a great advantages
Have recruiter coins to buy every good player in the auction house is already a great advantage
Have extra money with the pack is already a great advantage

The game is not free anymore, less of the players when i was in level 15 dont play this game anymore because they cannot buy any player good in the auction house, they cannot win anything...

That's what they have paid for this game is set up & run by a commercial company not somebody who has done it for free there are wages etc to be paid in order to generate the income needed to keep it viable & therefore running.

While I'm not over impressed with the advantage spending can give its obvious if they don't get a good enough advantage they wont spend & the game will then close down. I have also seen somebody say there should be two versions a paid for one & a free one but that will never happen unless it was a watered down version & even then why would a company ever set up a free version of something they are trying to sell they are a business not a charity.

If you want a totally level playing field there are free games out there some are not that bad either you only need to look.
I think the idea of paying for players is that you don't have to train them anymore not to be invincible like taking a shortcut. But what this guy is saying is that it's impossible to train a player to be maxed out at everything, and I agree but tbh there are some stats a player really doesn't need. Anyway I wouldn't mind if they make training easier tho
Since I hit the mid 80's I have found it pretty easy to train them now I'm @ level 92 & its really easy recovery times 32 per hour so a recovery time of under 2 hours for an 8 hour session
ShaunC :

Since I hit the mid 80's I have found it pretty easy to train them now I'm @ level 92 & its really easy recovery times 32 per hour so a recovery time of under 2 hours for an 8 hour session

Don't you have a team full of pack players?
Anyway, I'll throw an idea over here, because why not
Make the season last longer, each team face each other twice, like in the normal league, like this you have more time to train a player during a season and won't get facestomped if you by mistake get double promo.
About 3 pack players most of the time though it can be as many as 6 depending on the T M the rest are from the T M & I train the crap out of them to get them up there it can be done but I do admit so far I have not ever got enough from the T M that are at a reasonable age to not have to buy some.

Even then I get some rubbish seasons often because I'm in mixed level leagues & I'm always in the lower level & guess what its always towel heads that are in the upper one that's happened about 5 or 6 times the law of averages says I should have been in the upper level sometimes in all that time but its just not happened so I am in no doubt that this game is still bent even though a lot of the cheating tricks have been stopped which is also why I have been cutting down on the spending lately.

As for playing twice while I agree with giving it a go it would take a far better programmer than they seem to have to programme in some sort of home advantage I dont know if you have ever worked it out but a single promotion needs 100 points to get your players to the same sort of level that they were against the teams at the previous level & a double obviously takes 200 with enough training thats really not at all difficult to do at the higher levels even now I have some players in the 400-500's & one even at 707 I could no doubt not train him for 4 seasons & still he would have more than enough in reserve were he not already 29 & therefore unless I got double promotions & also bought my way up as well (if you still can) he is never going to use what he already has.

Try buying one really good 19-21 y/o every season or two & train the crap out of him if you are in the mid 80's or higher & you should also be able to do the same
Atm I'm at 91. But thanks for the tip.