Not enough games

There needs to be more rugby played in the game I think. Yes you have competitions and tournaments which is 2 games a day and it seems that 2-3 regenerations a day in the map but it's not that much in terms of matches which is where the fun is... Just a thought. Not sure if others agree...
Agree 100%! Once tornament and Chanpionship games are played the game becomes a little boring. I also feel there needs to be guild rankings, not just 1-10. I'd like to see where my guild ranks overall.

More matches, better rankings and generally more things to do witchin the game would be great!

Love the game but can become boring.
You can play a friendly game whenever you want, just go to the league screen and pick a team then click Friendly. More tournament/league/challenge games per day would be a bad idea, most people don't sit on here for hours on end and adding mroe games would put those people at a massive disadvantage.
I kind of understand what you are saying (friendly a earning no cash and no fatigue are not really enthralling so I discount this) however which of us have ever sat for hours on this? When I have a moment it would be good to play a competitive game against areas around me on the map (I take your point on competitions).

Mid week I can't really play it for work reasons but outside that it simply becomes dull, just my take. I have never been online when a challenge has happened as as it doesn't take money from me it doesn't really bother me, if my resources were taken I would agree with you.

So maintain status quo for championship and tournaments but increase games on map perhaps?

Once again that would give a huge advantage to those who are able to play more often due to extra training points and cash earned. The game needs to balance for most users, not just a few.
That's kind of the point though isn't it as a game developer? Have people on regularly?

by the same token they should remove the ability to buy eggs as that allows the few to progress quicker than the majority dependant on cash levels of each person.

And surely the simple resolution to your problem is to tier everyone to their level. If you want to go higher up the league then you have to train more? Therefore the advantage is given a weighting relevant to peers at the relevant playing time. Dunno.