Terminate a drawn guild challenge at 10-10

Hi, how about automatically terminating a drawn guild challenge. Had it a few times that the guild is drawn say 10 hours into the guild and then both guilds have to sit around and wait until the clock runs out before they can start a new challenge (and wait another 24 hours in the "preparation day", which I may add is also excessively long).

Another suggestion is to shorten the challenge to 12h/12h, 12 hours preparation and 12 hours challenge.

I agree, I don't personally like how easy it is for a weaker team to get a 10-10 draw with a much stronger team. I think we should use same rules but only let each player do 1 match or maybe in the event of a draw 1 player from each team are selected for a knockout match with no ability to use match bonus.

Prep time reduction is difficult because it can mean leaders in different timezones are disadvantaged but I think leaders should have a set team option and if both teams confirm their selection the start of the challenge should begin early
I also think the reward for winning guild challenges should be higher, even when I win challenges I'll get over a hundred more recruiter points from auction house that day