youth academy

This is a complete game, but it misses only one thing, a youth academy; are you agree?
Yeah, there aren't enough new, young players in the game. It would be good to train up youngsters to play or sell.
Totally agree
I completele agree, been more than one thread about it, but I'm not sure the admin's care enough about this particular part of the forum to take note.
All in due time lads. This is still in grass roots and I'm sure the development team, All 2 of them will adopt the youth academy like other sports management games.
Ashley, I do appreciate the fact there is only 2 of them developing the game, the problem is this section of the forum seems to be a waste of time if the admins never reply to anything.

All it needs is a response along the lines of 'It's something we are looking at', 'This is in development' or even 'This is something we won't be doing for {explanation}'. I'd even settle at this point for no explanation, as an improvement on the communication. Otherwise, shut this section and leave it all in questions.