The 140 k club MB queens

Thanks Phantom and I apologize for being so grumpy yesterday. Hopefully since the moderators have admitted there is a lot of discontent due to MB that they will feed this back to Sublinet with a strong recommendation that it is removed.
P.S. can you let your guild know my strategy is off so there is not much point in them challenging me now.
GILBERT(Webb Ellis) :

Waspy Tiger :

Yeah. They do also apply to you, but then they apply to EVERYONE - we've had a bit too much of it recently, and we need to be sure that when people talk about cheating, they mean cheating.

Speaking purely personally, I like the pure strategy element of the game, but Sublinet have to make money, and have to make it attractive to as many people as possible, so I understand the need for premium packs, gold balls and even MB.

Further general point - "3rd half-time" is the place for banter, not Questions, Bugs or Ideas, so I'll move this shortly.

Waspy Tigers do you have any idea why my premium packs are so expensive lately??

Yes - they go up in cost every time you buy one. So you must have bought several...
Can we not just get MB removed? It's the most stupid feature ever invented and causes endless contention
They will not listen
I'd say buying maxed out players is a pretty awful feature too. I'm after a strategy game, not a test of who is insecure enough to shell out real cash to win imaginary games.
And worst of all is when someone who has bought a boatload of maxed out players comes squealing to the forum because someone has used match bonus and beaten them
Amd even worse a team whos shelled millions on mb being beaten by a team of maxed out players
As for a player who has remortgaged his house to buy players plus game cash so he can max out on bonus ... and yet still loses a game ... well his pain just doesn't bear thinking about
Easiest way to remove MB, is for everyone to just use it. If we all agree to have it maxed out then it is therefore equal for everyone.
I love these guilds that boast about no MB, claim to win because of their superior tactics, then you browse the guild and half the teams are full of paid-for players. Get off the moral high horse already.