Game chrashing

Everytime I log on lately the game crashes at least once or twice any reason why?
Drunk driving perhaps?

On a serious note, I am experiencing the same problem on my Android device.
Have had problems on 'droid pads and phones - most annoyingly crashes when substituting mid-match. Has been ok on PC (via Fbook) though.
Please update the app with the newest version (5.2). Many bugs have been fixed, I hope these issues have disappeared.
Unfortunately the game still crashes at random
Still getting game crashes on android pad.
Can you please tell me the exact action you were doing when it crashes?
Does it show an error message?
I will look into the substitution mid-match.
PierrotLL it happens at random. My platform is Android as well.

Sometimes I log into the game, the screen with all my buildings shows and before I can do anything it closes and an Android message pops up saying the program had to close with no error code. Its happened after I tried to open the Tournament schedule, opening the guild hall, just sitting on the map not doing anything etc.

Like I said, completely random.