How unfair is it to lose fans in a training game?

Since yesterday I have lost many fans as have many of my guild by losing in training games. 1000 a time at least. Yet when we actually win these unopposed and unannounced challenges we don't gain any fans!

I can't think of anything more unfair. Indeed our guild (in the top 10) has decided to stop playing training games to get rankings as this system stands as it suits you more to be lower ranked as you don't lose fans! So as we drop down the individual rankings we can maintain fan base as we're challenged less.

The developers have got this very wrong! Why try to grow your stadium when someone from 3 levels lower can wipe out what you've built up and you can't plan for it as you don't know whether to train your players.
But what is the big attraction with fan bases? Yes more revenue but then there's nothing to spend it on once sim city is completed! At least this way you can see who is any good in a non match boost environment (although they should tone down the home advantage a bit in my opinion)
Then what's the attraction of development of stadia? Rugby is a team game and the guilds are teams. They are ranked on fans.

I may be wrong but the number of fans you have contributesome to your team's overall strength especially at home.
Plus you lose fans when you don't have chance to select your side re-energise them or substitute during the game to meet your strategy. You are penalised for it. If you challenge and lose you don't lose fans. That's the inequality.
Fans do not impact team strength, if you want to know the best guilds look at those that show up in the top 100 the most. Fans are utterly pointless
My guild have given up on ranking games as it does effect your guild challenges and cos we were really active to begin with we are now getting guild challenges we have no hope of winning
I'm going to give them 1 week otherwise I'm gone from the game I've had enough. I work hard to gain the fans I get and to think anyone can take them away and there is no limit on how many you can lose a day that's wrong especially when you can only get 5,000 a day no more tournaments for me and I refuse to play guild challenges, and like I say I won't be playing a game that just favours those who want to spend more than it already does.
something should be done