Looking for an active guild

Hi - I have just finished guild building. So far I have 11,800 fans - any actives guilds recruiting? Fb - https://www.facebook.com/charlie.holland.92351
Hi Charlie. I suggest you rather repost in member search under the guild forum so it gets the right people to view it.

Alternatively can one of the mods/admins be so kind as to move it
UK and NZ national rugby team are looking for a player urgently,but at the moment we are full,but tomorrow or as soon as possible we'll get a player leaving. My nickname is All Blacks,and i'm the leader of this guild,and i'm looking urgently for a player who is active. If you find one or if you want to join in my guild,please let me know. Cheers!
And we are very active,so every day we chat and stuff,i also created the UK and NZ national rugby team and immediatly so many players arrived.
Fire of Dragons is an active guild :). Play the leader for an invite