Create a parking lot

Create a parking :

Hello i'm french sorry for the traduction ...

I have an idea to create a parking for paying car.

As a trade this parking will bring in money and allow the fans to park.
The first control as well as the ground would be free after it would have to be improved to increase the number of parking place.

Thank you for giving me your opinion.
Sim car park... hmm I'd rather focus on the rugby and tactics myself than worrying about a car park marshall's rota
How about a rugby club?
Agree on the subject but a city built just with a stadium a snack and the fan shop that remains unlikely. I love tactics rugby strategy but I also like the side simcity, I think not be the only one in this case.
For me it would be good to improve the cities.
I also think of a training center to discover young promising players.
Physical training courses in places paying in the off-season ...
Once you upgraded most of your money makers, which plenty of players have done, you end up with so much money you don't know what to do with it or end up using it for match bonus. This will be a bit of a waste for most settled players. For the newcomers it could work though.
Precisely by buying new buildings and making the game more attractive with more possibilities tactics and techniques and improvements of the city and more advanced training ...
I think we should be able to build a player ourselves, the team captain! And he earns points as he manages the on field play
If not a coach or sports director to recruit
furiousbulls :

If not a coach or sports director to recruit

Aren't you the coach and recruiter?