Cant play Ranking matches

When i try to go to "play a match" to move up in the Ranking the screen looks crooked and i cant challenge a team because nothing works on that screen. I keep losing Fans cause i cant play any matches
Try closing and reopening or delete and reinstall app if that is the way you are playing.
Already did that. Did not help
I am having the same problem as the OP. The training screen is offset and any attempt to select a player results in a zoom to your own team name.
Reinstall, reboot did not solve issue.
Running Galaxy Tab A and S7 edge on up to date Android versions - both devices have same problem.

Any advice? Anyone else having this problem? Fans decreasing steadily
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
I'm having the same problem as well on the iOS app. I deleted the App and downloaded it again. Tried opening it and it says there is another account linked to game center which I have never heard of. I managed to get back into my account however during the night someone else has got into my account from a different device and done a four hour training session and auto assigned all the training points I had saved.
Same here. Cannot run ranking matches. Running on Galaxy Tab S.
The same for me ... i pad air
Reply from support ticket raised:

Good day,

There is a bug on the last version. This bug will be fixed in a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience

The Rugby Manager 2 support team
Got that this morning FYI
Thanks Harlequins