I have no clue wat has happened since the update but there is quite a few of us getting about 2 injuries a game, even to maxed players we've bought. Enough!!! It's making the game really unenjoyable and I'm trying to heal players more than I can actually play the game. Wtf!!!
Injures all part of the game I have been here t by them too but quite enjoy the challenge it leaves
Yeah sure I get u but since when do u see teams getting 1 or 2 injuries a game? They would be playing with their C squad by the end of the season. So no dude to that extent it's not part of the game
Only my players with crap toughness (and by crap I mean 80 toughness where my cap is 220) are getting injured at this stage so it could be a strategy thing (high rhythm, attack speed and the usual stuff)
I here ya qBall but for a lot of us its been since the update and we haven't changed a thing hey bud
An L3 Mouthguard will reduce the problem.