International Lions - "We are putting the band back together"

We are not exactly "on a mission from God" but we have decided to try and reform as much of the old guild as we can and see if we can recreate some of the success and fun we used to have.

International Lions was an amalgamation of International All Stars and British Lions and in its day was pretty much unbeatable. Sadly many of the old members have gone on to retire (normally from boredom - thanks for the lack of development Sweet Nitro) but there are still a number floating around out there.

If you were a member of IL in days gone by, get in touch with one of us RH (through WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, carrier pigeon, whatever) and we will send you an invite. Alternatively just play me in a couple of friendlies - we'll soon recognise your name!

There are about 12 of the old guild already there (or on their way) so its already starting to take shape again. It will be good to meet up with the Old Boys again!
Would be nice to meet up with you guys in a GC
Great to see you getting the band back together Wizz as International Lions was one of the legendary guilds. It will be interesting to see what happens when some of the other big names of the past come up in your guild matches.
I'm guessing that it stands for Server Failures.
Some space still for those that are interested, stick your name on here so wizz can recognise you