Issue in lineout - non respect of strategy

i choose number 7 as receiver in lineout but my number 2 throw on my number 6.
Then i choose number 4 as receiver, my number 2 throw on my number 3.
Is there a bug since last update?
Perhaps your hooker needs a slap? ( training )
my hooker ability in throwing is nearly to max (meaning 263 for a max of 270).
It s really new, never in the past a hooker missed the expected receiver...
I'm aware of issues in the tournaments where it shows you went through but then a message says sorry you didn't qualify and the tiers are bit jumbled but my lineout receiver is still working okay.
Are you sure it isn't going to your 7?

6 is actually the guy who stands second from the back. There are a few threads here that give you the correct lineout order